Movies Where Elevators Played a Big Part

Movies Where Elevators Played a Big Part

Kate & Leopold

The story line shows how time traveling can be connected to such s trivial thing of a daily life as elevators. Honestly, it’s quite impossible to imagine modern New York City completely without elevators even for a day, not talking about longer than that. However, the whole idea of a beautiful love story is based on that.


The whole story wouldn’t have happened at all if not an unfortunate elevator companion of Jonathan: the funny kid pushed all buttons, and Sara was already not there when he finally got to exact same floor that they both chose initially.

All TV shows about hospitals

Many of us love TV shows about hospitals and doctors with their daily struggles to balance between personal and professional life. At some point it stops bothering us, but every now and comes up a question: why in 3-4 floor building a dialogue in elevator can last for a few minutes? Can hospital really afford having so slow elevators?

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July 14, 2016

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