Smart Ways to Increase Your Garden Shed Storage Capacity

Smart Ways to Increase Your Garden Shed Storage Capacity

Everyone needs space for their garden tools like hoses, shovels, lawn mowers and such. Having a big garden shed comes in handy for storing these tools. However, over time, it seems more and more like these sheds are shrinking. This happens because we tend to stuff them with a lot of items, yet we rarely seem to clean or declutter them. Yet, if you maintain your shed regularly, you will have a lot of free space. That’s why we’ve prepared a few cleaning and organizing tips for you, to help you out.

Clear the clutter

One of the easiest way to increase the capacity of your shed is to clear the piled up clutter. A garden shed should be used for gardening tools only. What this means is that there is no room for bicycles or winter car tires in it. Go through those items, and throw away everything that hasn’t been used for ages, and leave only the things that belong in the shed. This is the first step towards creating more space in your shed. To keep it tidy, repeat this process at least once a year.

Use containers

Smaller items get easily misplaced, so that’s why it is best to keep them in clear containers. By storing and organizing these items like this, you won’t clutter up your shed when you go digging through other things. Clear containers allow you to locate the tools you are looking for quickly. Storing tools in carboard boxes isn’t a good idea since these are not sturdy enough, nor are they waterproof. So, if you want to make sure that your items are safe, use plastic containers. A good idea is to buy several of the same size, which will allow you to stack them, which is an excellent way to save some space.

Use walls

A great idea for maximizing space is to use walls. Garden hoses on the ground are an accident waiting to happen. To avoid tripping over them, simply put a couple of nails on the walls, and hang hoses on them. This will free up space and make it safer to walk around the shed. Use a big board with nails or hangers to put up your other tools. This way, they can be easily located and reached. It saves time, nerves and space.

Another space saver is a large locker, you can use these to store your shovels, rakes and garden forks. By storing them vertically, you will create a much safer environment, as having these tools laying around the shed can be very dangerous.

Install shelves

Shelves are another great way to keep stuff off the floor. By keeping smaller items on shelves you free up much needed space, and make more room for larger items,  like lawn mowers, chairs and other items that are too big for boxes or shelves. Putting up shelves in your shed isn’t too hard, so you can do it yourself. However, it is very important that the shelves you bought are sturdy enough to support the weight of the items you’ll be placing on them. Keep that in mind while you browse through shelving solutions for your shed.

After every season, we seem to have more items in our sheds. If we don’t keep them organized and tidy, they will start looking more like a landfill. So, keep them organized and use these tips to free up some much needed space in your shed.


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Smart Ways to Increase Your Garden Shed Storage Capacity
Having a big garden shed comes in handy for storing these tools. A garden shed should be used for gardening tools only.
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January 4, 2017

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