Beautiful Refurbished Mobile Home in Quiet Location


The home is a DMV registered 1963 Vegas 8' x 41' mobile. The trailer has been completely remodeled with new walls, flooring, Brazilian cherry counters, solid redwood doors, and a 252 sq ft custom old growth redwood deck with a shaded patio and an outdoor bar.

The roof is a few years old and still under warranty, many of the walls and the substructure have been torn off and rebuilt, with new paint, new dual-pane windows, and custom thresholds for the custom full-size solid redwood doors.

In the living room there are built-in curved bookshelves with hidden storage beneath, a "floating shelf" next to the door made with old growth redwood, and a Brazilian cherry coat hanger.

The kitchen has Brazilian cherry countertops and has been made into a galley kitchen for extra cooking space. It has a garbage disposal, reverse osmosis water system, new sink faucets, an apartment size fridge, and a trash compactor. The only original items are the cabinet doors--paint stripped and refinished. There is also a solar light above the kitchen sink.
Not Pictured: The stove was replaced less than 4 weeks ago, and is a Premier 24" gas stove with 4 sealed burners, an electronic ignition, 17,000 BTU oven burner, an electronic clock with timer, interior oven light, and 10" glass tempered backguard. I love to cook my meals and it has proven to be an amazing, powerful little oven! (If you would like to look up an image of what it there now, it is Premier Model: SJK240BP)

In the hallway there are four more refinished cabinet doors for additional storage space and a sliding Satinwood bathroom door. The bathroom has been remodeled with a new shower surround, sliding glass doors, toilet, and new faucets in the shower and sink. The flooring is a special rubberized snap-together with a French Oak look, but it's bathroom approved!

The bedroom contains a custom built-in queen size bed frame that has long-term storage beneath the mattress, a headboard with storage capacity, as well as repurposed drawers in front. The mirror is old, quality silver-backed, framed in Poplar, and original to the home. The headboard and curved shelves above the windows are Poplar as well.

The trailer is located at the Arcata Mobile Home Park and anyone interested would need to get approved by the park before any transaction can be made.

For $40,000 I can leave the trailer fully furnished, and by that I mean all furniture, appliances, stainless steel pots and pans, utensils, dishes, literally everything but personal items.
If you don't want it furnished, then the asking price is $35,000.

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Zip Code:: 95521
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35000.00 US$
United States, California
1361 McCallum Circle

Published: December 6, 2016
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Blake Hickman
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