Large Secluded Home on 10 Acres


Beautiful large home on 3 levels.  Nearly  5000 sq.'.   5 bedrooms - 4 bathrooms.   Built lodge type.   Living room has large stone gas fireplace.  There is also a wall size HD TV in the open living room that works through a projection unit via satellite.   The kitchen overlooks the large living/dining area.   A balcony overlooks the entire main floor and has 2 bedrooms and a Jack N Jill bathroom.   The balcony is it's own living space overlooking the HD TV below.   Many a Superbowl party has been held in this home as many people can be accommodated here.  The home is situated on 10 landscaped acres.   It has it's own well that produces a minimum of 30 gallons a minute.   It has a 2 car garage and shop near the  house.  It is listed with a Real Estate agent but is not getting enough coverage.  If you are looking for a private place to retire or accommodate another family or your Mother in law, this is the place for you.   The basement has 2 bedrooms, bathroom and large living space, an open bar which could be converted to a kitchenette if desired.  Home has hardwood floors on the  main level and carpeting on the 2nd floor.   The master bedroom and bathroom are on the main floor level.   There is a large front porch and a nice big deck off the kitchen which overlooks the back side of the property.  The owners are moving to another state soon.   The right person is out there somewhere for this property...could that person be you?  Copy and paste this link to view the entire property:,-117.38662,47.903469,-117.423527_rect/14_zm/1_rs/1_fr/

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United States, Washington
Deer Park, Spokane County,
424 E. Owens Rd.

Published: July 17, 2017
Modified: July 17, 2017
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