Building Your Log Home

Submitted by: Jan Burmistroff

Of all the known expenditures associated with a log house, the roof appears to be the one that is most tricky and costly. Aside that, that structure will have to be done very well. The least error with the roofing can result in leakage and consequently wood rot. Again, a bad roof will make the house lose its aesthetics. It is for these reasons that many people are investing both time and extra money to ensure that tear log house roofs are in order.

We look at the ways in which a builder or an owner can be guarantee a leak proof and robust roofing.

After the initial construction makes sure that you have examined the building carefully for any leakages. If any are found, you may have to use various substances available to seal it off.

Again, there should be enough overlooking on the roof. This way, when it rains it will drop farther away from the main log home and will not repeatedly hit the ground close to the house to cause erosion. Overlapping will also make sure that the foundation beams are not constantly subjected to wetness.

There are two main ways to own a log house. You can build one from scratch or you can simply purchase one. When it comes to building one yourself, you have the option of starting from scratch or using a prefabricated log home.

Log homes unlike conventional homes are more susceptible to structural errors. Of you are building one or are contracting it out to someone; make sure that all regulations and practices are adhered to. Log homes present special challenges when it comes to foundation, cooling, heating, power and plumbing. They will have to be done right for you to live comfortably.

If you needed someone to build your log home, you can look though the classifieds or simply call one from the list of contractors which you can obtain from the web.

One area you should look out for when designing or building your log home is leakage. Unlike conventional houses that can withstand water and dampness, and is even water-resistant, a log home cannot tolerate water. If water accumulates anywhere it will cause the wood to warp and then lose color.

When it comes to insulation your log home, you may want to choose fiberglass. This material is expensive but will save you enormously in power bills. It will make your cooling and heating efficient.

Wood is one material that can easily discolor. Before the materials are used for construction, you would want to make sure that they have been well dried and that they have been sealed to forestall discoloring in the future.

A log house is a cheap but durable option when it comes to owning a home in the rural area. It is perfect for cooling during the summer and heating during the winter. It can serve other uses as guest houses. In many dude ranches the preferred building has been the log home as it truly represents the rural area. You can be able to use your facility for residential purposes or you rent it out to guests.

Now we look at how to decorate your log home. You have many choices here but the one that will produce the most outstanding effect is to give it a truly country style. You will use wood for the floor and the same material for the furniture.  You are able to achieve some natural effect with this material. In all cases you are trying to keep it as rustic as possible so that it brings out the natural beauty associated with the rural west.

Accents, chandelier and lamps have been other decorative pieces that will help keep your home beautiful.

About the Author: Jan writes for HorseClicks Properties, classifieds of horse property listed for sale inVirginia, including Virginia farms and Virginia land.

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May 3, 2016

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