Investing in a Log Home

Submitted by: Jan Burmistroff

Every investor is worried about the safety of his investment. He wants to ensure that no matter what happens to the economy his investments are safe. In this regard, he will want to make sure that he puts into place, several mechanisms to absorb any shock that the economy will generate. In these times of economic turmoil, when stocks are becoming unstable and companies are failing, it has become quite therefore choice to put money into real estate. At the least, the buyer can sell off the property or use it to obtain a loan. In the extreme case, he can occupy his own building.

One thing that you can do an investor is to invest in a log home. A log home will appreciate in price and since it will be predominantly be situated in the rural area. You will not incur so much in cost in buying and maintaining it. It has become increasingly clear that many people are now going to the rural area to have their holidays. They are lodging in cabins for a change and are pursuing their favorite sports like hunting, fishing and hiking from there. Many people are buying these properties and buying them to convert into hostels fro rent.

Log homes sell very cheap but with small renovation costing a few hundred Dollars they can become very expensive properties for sale.

In this transaction, you can seek the services of a real estate agent to buy the property. They will be able to locate houses that have high resale value and even determine which localities will be giving you lots of revenue. If you do not have an agent or you simply want to do the purchasing on your own, there are some few things you can do to get a good price.

You can buy from an owner who is leaving the area and wishes to dispose of the property. A seller in this case is wiling to sell off very cheap. These properties may not be in the best state but you can do some small renovation and then get your property looking new and salable.

You can buy raw land and then develop into a log home. Your best location would be a place with water bodies so that fishing and hunting enthusiasts would be pleased to buy or rent. You can also look for adjoining land that is flat and shady so that in future if you would like to convert to equestrian property or as a simple golf course, you can do so.

You should not underestimate the suitability of a log home for a dude ranch. You will so much to gain from such a ranch. Nowadays many city dwellers are moving to the rural areas to have their holidays. You can rent out your property to these people for a good sum.

Like with every kind of investment, there are certain precautions you may want to take note off. You will want to ensure that your log hoe is close to essential services such as power and potable water. You will also need access roads leading to and from your property. This way, you can easily exit and enter you home. If there are any easement issues, you should sole them before you occupy the building.

A log home is a good investment. Due to its location, it is not much affected by the inconsistencies in stock prices and other urban related economic upheavals. If you invest in a log home, you are assured of better returns in the near future. These properties have a high resale value and can be developed into many uses. You can use them for recreational purposes like equestrian activities, fishing, hunting or simply a lodging place for mountaineers, hikers and kayakers.

About the Author: Jan writes for HorseClicks Properties, classifieds of horse property listed for sale inWashington, including Washington farms and Washington land.

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May 3, 2016

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