Real Estate Social Media Advertising and Selling Types

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There are two types of real estate social media advertising: free and paid. Which one is more effective?

There are so many social media nowadays, and the number of them is still growing.  Their main advantage – they are free to use. So, you can register as a social media user and advertise for real estate in your journal (blog, account). There are also more traditional way – paid advertising in the form of banners, teasers, and other formats.

Let’s talk first about the paid placement of the banner. One of the interesting features of social media is a targeted advertising. This is an advertising, which is not shown up to all visitors, but only to selected ones by advertiser. For example, only to those who have chosen New York as their city of residence. By the way, the choice of potential customers is one of the “advantages” of this advertising type: because people in social media when registering point sex, age, place of residence.

There are a lot of people but little number of buyers

However, it should be recognized that there is an illustration of the fact, “not everything is good that is attended”. The specifics of social media is that there are many people who are interested in it but the volume of buyers is small.

As an example, I can introduce the experience of one of the companies. This company engaged in expensive real estate (the average price of its facilities is over 15 million usd), decided to take experiment in order to place a targeted advertising in social media “Facebook” ( The effect of advertising was conspicuous – conversions to the company’s website increased in number. Many people were interested in the ads, but they didn’t buy. Therefore, before placing advertisements in social media it is recommended to understand the basic of its work.

But! There are some options when advertising in social media is working, and very effective. For example, if your property by something is unique (especially if you can emphasize its uniqueness). One or another feature may attract the attention of someone who is not in the acute phase of search, but keeping an eye on something special – for example, two-storey apartment or an apartment with a working fireplace. Databases usually contain no capability to search for such parameters. And an ad in the network, accidentally caught the eye, can provide the impetus for buying decision. And then your real estate may seem to a potential buyer as the one of which he dreamed.

In any case, this kind of advertising is very accessible (In social media you pay not for advert views, but for the transitions to advertiser’s site. Everyone, redirected after clicking on the link brings to social media a certain amount, specified in the contract with advertiser.) This fact allows us to take experiment.

Free Real Estate Advertising in Social Media – Short Way to Success

If you are a network user,  particularly active and sociable, then it is worth to place the information about the sale or rental of real estate. You can do it on your page, on the forum, in any other way…

It is not excluded that the buyer will be someone from your friends or friends of friends (second round), friends or friends acquaintances (third round) and so on. Because information in the social media is distributed as diverging circles over the water. As a result, the coverage of such advertising would be decent. And if your property is exotic or unusual in something, the coverage would be much more:  many people may respond to an ad or comment on it just out of interest to that “exotic”, and thus “spread” it much broader than just your circle of friends and acquaintances.

Of course, here we are faced with the same problem – those who are willing (and able) to buy real estate “dissolved” in the mass of those who are not the target audience. Nevertheless there are certain advantages from such advertisement, compared with the traditional placement in the database.

For buyers this property is from the first hand, they buy real estate not from obscure “first comer”, but from a friend’s friend or acquaintance, at least a person with a history, reputation and messages from the first person. In addition, in this case, the buyer and the seller find each other themselves, and have the opportunity to save on intermediaries.

In outline, such ads work better in the case of apartment rental: after all there are much more  of potential tenants on the network than buyers. However, there are cases of apartments sales.

At the same time I want to note that the sellers themselves are not very active in promoting their facilities through social media. Many sellers are held just by the fact that there is no anonymity. While, in my opinion, the risks of any criminal history are not great, especially in the case of a model object.

How to write real estate ad?

Social media is a special world with its own rules, customs, style of communication… And from that, how a man expresses himself, much depends on the attitude towards him and his messages.

The main trend of social media is that people like to express their thoughts, feel themselves writers and evaluate others very strictly. And the user should be interesting, concrete and business, and should describe in detail.

Therefore, in the network the usual databases ads does not “work” , which are adopted by standard turnover, acronyms and abbreviations. It is worth to describe the advantages of object with regular language, but do not place any abstract advertising, do it without empty delights and decorations. You may be not original, but you must be very specific: the reader should have a clear “picture”.

And to understand if the ad is well written, ask someone unfamiliar to evaluate whether your description of the one-piece flat and attractive image formed of. And only after that place an ad.

“Pitfalls” of realtor work in social media

Real estate market professionals have realized that social media is a promising tool to promote on the market, but not everybody could learn how to use it.

A cursory analysis of the pages of agencies and groups which are created by agencies or private brokers, still reveals a penchant for the same mistakes. Firstly, many of the pages have a bulletin board format in which there are no feedback space, dialogue and discussion. Secondly, the design of groups, both text and graphics, reduced to a minimum, do not use the possibility of additional tabs and menus. Thirdly, many of the pages are updated so long that looks abandoned. One gets the feeling that realtors do not even suspect about many of the social media opportunities.

Real estate social media group management – a matter of technique and psychology.

Properly to create a page or a group, to link it with your website or blog and accounts on other networks is one thing, but to develop the group by interesting content is quite another.

Because social media is not the print media. Direct advertising , publication of the “bare” links, etc does not work in social media. It has its own laws. There is interacting among the people, rather than the firms or agencies.

It is no wonder that in social media groups aimed at finding of real estate without intermediaries are gaining in popularity openly opposing themselves to the professionals and agents.

The source of many failures and problems is that the realtors and their clients come to social media for different purposes. If the first ones are busy by promoting specific objects, the other one are seeking for general information, eyeing, asking for advice and can easily go to the place where they are provided with more detailed, structured and relevant data.

Social Media is, above all, communication. Naturally, the most successfully developing groups have organized special sections devoted to advice and counseling.

Social media offers great opportunities for a farsighted estate agent. Because there he can form and display his image as a specialist, expand the circle of friends, receive recommendations, post photos, audio, video, conduct surveys and communicate with customers in real time. Internet could become that working 24 hours a day assistant, which you so lacking.

How do you use social media in your work?  What challenges face?

Top 6 Mistakes that real estate agent makes working in social media and how to advertise there

Successful trades do not happen often.

Therefore, the realtor should look for customers anytime, anywhere, all the time. Nowadays, social media provides an excellent opportunity to earn money on the real estate market. 90% of clients are looking for real estate on the Internet. It is important to learn properly to use these possibilities.

Hopefully, these tips will help you avoid common mistakes:

  1. First we need to decide what you want to sell while advertising: real estate or your exclusive service. On this basis, the marketing strategy of implementation plan of the property and / or the sale of services is being developed.
  2. Do not forget that suddenly awakened activity, haste and massive advertising can lead to unexpected results. Maybe even to unsubscriptions, falling into the black list, etc.. Therefore, the promotion should be regular, gradual and uniform.
  3. Do not spam, and do not post ads on other people’s walls. This will lead to the fact that you will go to the “Ignore List”. Persistence is dangerous in business as well as in life. This does not mean that you must be “silent types” and wait for the customer to fall from the sky. If you see a potential client (a person changed marital status, someone buys, sells or rents an apartment, the questions in the comments to posts on an interesting topic of the customer), add him to friends and “gently” come into contact with him (personal communication, or response to his comment).

You will be able after some time to send a message, business card, offer a free consultation. So you will achieve a better result, because in the social media people gather to socialize. Do not forget to add clients to friends, to ask about leaving feedback in the group. This is necessary to run at the new customers.

4. A common mistake is a formulaic, uninformative advertising in ribbon. You can post ads and not receive the desired effect. Do not forget that it is necessary to be ready for preparation of the content or real estate exposure (may be part of the marketing plan for the implementation of real estate). This should not be spontaneously and without certain specific purposes.

Cling to text, beautiful pictures and video clips, interviews, reviews of real estate market, professional tips (this is 50% of your work) – this content will certainly cause the audience interest and will increase the number of friends and subscribers. Share the interesting information constantly, but not when you have a free minute.

5. To make photos related to professional activities look good on the social media page, they need to be of high resolution, colorful and bright. Best photos should be stored in the album as a long-running advertising format. It is recommended to create an album and make an additional selling page for each object. You can send the client to it immediately if he still was not there.

6. The lack of feedback can kill in the bud an interest in your activities and ads. Try promptly to respond to comments and questions, join the discussion and consult other people. In other words, be active and useful to your customers (and potential customers). And in any case, do not ignore or delete the negative comments (if course it is not a frank outrage).

Advertising in social media for real estate agency

One of the ways of promotion of real estate agency is a social media account, or a complete community of your company in social media. Because it is possible to arrange poll, and to place an additional advertising, if desired, even arrange a competition, and be sure that there it will be seen by exactly target audience, and not by all those who picked up your “request” in search and got on contextual advertising, or just went to the website for updates about real estate.

The possibilities are numerous, but there are some nuances. Firstly, it is problematic to find and invite people to whom it will be interesting enough, and secondly, using this method of sales is not as powerful as we would like. But there is an important feature – the number of Internet users is constantly growing, which means that most of the beginners in the World Wide Web network are registering accounts in social media. And in most cases, these are people with average or above incomes, as well as representatives of the active layer of young population, which in the foreseeable future can become your customers.

In summary I want to say the only one thing: of course the choice is yours, but it is better not to forget that the traditional ways, even though which are losing their relevance, are still working. But also it is not necessary to pass by new ways of communication with customers. Social media, blogs, news stuffing and other methods of formation of demand from customers can do a very good job.


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July 10, 2016

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