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Jetta-Talo – one of the largest wooden house builders in Finland

We all deserve to have the house which we wish. If you cannot find the way to realize your dreams, then the company Jetta-Talo is for you! This company is unique because it can build the house what you want. Even the craziest idea they bring to life.

So, if you have not the image of ideal house for you, our specialists may help you choose the house from the list of existing models. As a result, be sure, you will be satisfied!

How to build the house from your dreams

Do you have a home in your mind, which is so unique that the finished house designs are above the level? Firstly, the professionals will help fine-tune their plans and putting into practical effect. Secondly, the designers draw just on the basis of your house according to your wishes.  In the end, then builders implement your home exactly as you want it to be. Moreover, we deliver more cost-effective package of solutions for the individual to an individual than to the broader area of construction – tailored.

What to do if you do not know what you want

If you do not have the plan, how should be look the house of your dream, do not worry. The professionals help you in this. For example, you can choose from three different house styles: modern, classic, traditional, and these collections from a variety of options. The houses are pre-designed ready-implementation, but you can also, if necessary, make changes in the way the model.

Features and uniqueness of the company

Jetta-Talo is almost the only company, which give you the chance not just to buy a house, and build it by yourself, like in your dreams.

Jetta-Talo has manufactured homes for 30 years. As a result, it is today one of the largest wooden house builders in Finland. Of course, every family is different. Thus, each Jetta home built entirely of their inhabitants’ wishes.

Jetta-house package delivered to you at the stand by instance of your choice. The technical characteristics of houses are designed to Finland for demanding conditions and the company takes ecology into account within the framework of such raw materials as the housing. Jetta-talo is a leading manufacturer of passiivirakenteisten houses. Jetta-Talo will satisfied you in all aspects of the ideal house!



Tero Hietaniemi


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August 26, 2016

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