Top Seven Reasons Why Solar Hot Water Is the Best for Your Home, Especially During Winters

 Solar Hot Water

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Renewable energy is the preferred choice of most environmentalists and conversationalists and so there is a growing increase towards the shift to use solar hot water for home. However, you may wonder as to why you should install this in your home. Solar hot water heater makes use of the inexhaustible source of energy, and that is sunlight, which you get in plenty. Apart from this, it is an environment-friendly option to keep your rooms warm during winter. Continue reading

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How to Keep Warm in Your Home this Winter

I reckon that most of us have already visited our thermostats this week and bumped up the heating in our homes – it’s been quite chilly and it’s only going to get colder! Winter is the season during which our bank accounts are rendered as desolate as the weather, not just due to the expense of gift giving and Christmas festivities, but because of the increased electricity bill! Unfortunately it’s not just our energy bills that skyrocket, it’s our greenhouse gas emissions too, meaning that the warmer we are, the more we damage our natural environment. Continue reading

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Go Green! Eco-Friendly Home Renovation Tips

Renovating a property can be time, money and energy consuming. If when you are done with that, you don’t have some results that will compensate for the three, other than aesthetic, it is almost like you’ve wasted them. Green renovation is not just a fad that is trending this year and disappearing the following. It is an investment in the future, resulting in low bills and low carbon-footprint, so there are no reasons not to green up your home today. If you want to know more about what can you do to make your home more energy-efficient, here are a few tips.

Eco-Friendly Materials

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Use Eco-Friendly Materials

First and foremost, when remodeling the house that should be energy-efficient in the future, it would be ironic to use materials that harm our planet. Reduce the impact of the construction on the environment by opting for materials such as recycled plastic, reclaimed wood, recycled glass, bamboo, linoleum and cork. As you see, the accent here is either on reusing old materials or using natural renewable materials. Continue reading

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Build the House of Your Dream with Jetta-talo

build the house

Jetta-Talo – one of the largest wooden house builders in Finland

We all deserve to have the house which we wish. If you cannot find the way to realize your dreams, then the company Jetta-Talo is for you! This company is unique because it can build the house what you want. Even the craziest idea they bring to life.

So, if you have not the image of ideal house for you, our specialists may help you choose the house from the list of existing models. As a result, be sure, you will be satisfied!

Continue reading

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Rubber Tiles A Green Choice That’s Soft Underfoot!

rubber tiles

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When it comes to flooring, sometimes hard tile is just not an option.  We may need to provide safety for the ones we love.  Rubber tiles are an easy way to make sure you have the safest flooring possible and best of all it’s a green product as well!

Dangers Of Hard Surfaces

While tile is fantastic for a huge amount of applications in certain situations it can be a quite slippery.  This is especially true on walkways and paths that are prone to flooding.   Outdoor stairs are another potential spot where without the proper grip a slips and falls could be very painful and even cause serious injury such as broken bones.  If you are a swimming pool owner, you’ll need to be particularly careful as the areas immediately around the pool can become quite slick and dangerous. If you have children or entertain guests on a regular basis having a slippery surface that is also extremely hard is a serious liability that can end in some expensive medical bills or even being sued in some cases. Continue reading

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Is Artificial Grass Really A Threat To Wildlife?

Is Artificial Grass Really A Threat To Wildlife?

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How eco-friendly are artificial lawns?

With no need for running water or polluting pesticides, synthetic lawns are more environmentally friendly than many people realise.

With their reputation for durability, easy maintenance, and a natural looking appearance, artificial lawns have continued to grow in popularity across the UK, with some companies seeing 50% increases in sales each year. Continue reading

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Why a Log Home is a Must-have Asset For You

Submitted by: Billy Sharp

Log homes are a common feature in most rural areas in the United States and they have been around since the first settlers set foot on the continent. The early settlers needed homes that were quick and easy to build using readily available materials and so they settled for log cabins. This construction tradition continues today albeit using more advanced building technology. Continue reading

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Planning Your Log Home

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Your log home is one place that you will always find very interesting. It is the typical rural western home. Many people have traveled into the country to view log homes for pleasure sake. The house takes on a different meaning when it comes to those of country homes. Though cheaper to construct, a log home must be approached with great car so that you derive the best value. The least structural error or design flaw in the log home can cost a lot of money in the future. For example, leakages will lead to rot and the eventual destruction of the home. Continue reading

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Investing in a Log Home

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Every investor is worried about the safety of his investment. He wants to ensure that no matter what happens to the economy his investments are safe. In this regard, he will want to make sure that he puts into place, several mechanisms to absorb any shock that the economy will generate. In these times of economic turmoil, when stocks are becoming unstable and companies are failing, it has become quite therefore choice to put money into real estate. At the least, the buyer can sell off the property or use it to obtain a loan. In the extreme case, he can occupy his own building. Continue reading

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Log Home Kit Prices – 3 Tips When You Buy Log Home Kits

Submitted by: David Buster

Log home kit prices for a variety of kits can easily be found online. Generally, to buy log home kits will be cheaper than to build a ‘handcrafted’ log home where the logs will be shaped one at a time using special hand tools.

However, before you buy log home kits, be sure you understand three main ways you can control the log home kit prices and the final built cost. One of your goals should be to arrive at a budgeted amount that includes everything – log home kit costs, the land and site work costs – and to finish your project at or below that budgeted amount. Continue reading

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