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Beautiful ocean front, well kept property in a peaceful enviroment. Link to video of outside property Springdale is an attractive town that sits on the shores of Halls Bay in central Newfoundland. Springdale was named one of the country’s top small towns and it is filled with attractions including a lovely harbour and a tranquil beach. Springdale attracts outdoor lovers as a result of its unique ecosystem. Moose, ducks and canadian geese can often be spotted. It is also a great place for whale-watching and iceberg-spotting adventures Indian River Falls is one of a few places in Newfoundland where you can watch atlantic salmon jump the falls. Towns web-site

Proposed marina would be built directly below property - link to photo-

Property Features:
1: House 46' x 30'
2: 3 upstairs bedrooms
3:1 downstairs bedroom 
4: furnace room/laundry room
5: hot air electric furnace
6: utility room downstairs
7: large den
8: basement entrance
9: 2 paved driveways
10: vinyl siding and windows
11: 1 - 8x 12 shed
12: 1 - 6x 8 shed
13: 200 amp service
14: large storage room / exercise room / work shop.
15: fenced back yard
16: 2 bathrooms
17: newly renovated kitchen
18: downstairs is completely done and can easily be converted into an apartment or in-law flat.
19: 3- seprate level pressure treated wood decks one with a veranda
20: sale includes washer,dryer,fridge,stove,dishwasher and built in microwave.
21: funiture negotiable

Type of deal: For sale
Num. of rooms: 4
Num. of bathrooms: 2
Status: Good condition
Size (Sq Ft): 2500 square feet
Lot Size (Ac): 5112 square feet
Construction Year: 1964
Num. of floors: 2
Air condition:
By owner:
Zip Code:: A0J1T0

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Canada, Newfoundland
, Springdale,
237 Main Street

Published: September 19, 2017
Modified: September 21, 2017
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Scott McKay
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